Membership Committee

The Indiana Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers is always looking for new members. Getting signed-up is easy. Please download an application to get started! Membership options and rates are listed in the table below.  Fill out the below form or click here to download a membership application!


Membership Type

Annual Fee

Local Membership


Student Membership                            


NOTE: After March 31st of each Calendar Year, the ITE Indiana Membership

Dues are Subject to a $25 Late Fee.  Be sure to renew early!


Membership By-laws


The Indiana Section ITE has recently approved a change to our bylaws. The bylaw changes were requested by section members in order to clarify language and modernize operational practices to leverage 21st Century technology in the day-to-day affairs of the Section. For a current copy of the by-laws, click here.


Three References Required (Two must be members of the Indiana Section)

I attended College as Shown Below:

Employment record: Start with current position and work backwards. Describe each position briefly where transportation or traffic engineering functions were performed and responsibility exercised.